AgPro Podcast: Crop Consultants Need Full Toolbox For Sustainability

On the most recent AgPro podcast, crop consultants from across the country were asked: What regulations are you concerned about in 2018? What are you doing to address those regulations?

Allie Marks, Kulm, N.D.

Crop Consultant, Centrol Inc.

“Currently, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is doing a total class review on pyrethroids. That’s really damaging because that would take a whole class of chemicals from my toolbox. This is a first for the EPA to do a total class review of chemistries, not one product. And because it is used on pretty much all of our crops, its loss would be detrimental to our farmers. Dicamba is a big issue, too. State and federal labeling are different in North Dakota, and my farmers want to keep this technology, so I believe that we will do everything we can to make sure that we are judicious in its use.”

-Pam Fretwell