Want to Turn Off Consumers? Label Food ‘Vegan’

A survey of 2,200 U.S. adults suggests labeling food with terms such as ‘vegan,’ ‘diet’ and ‘sugar free’ makes them less likely they’ll end up in shopping carts, according to a story published by Newsweek.

Some 35% of those surveyed says labeling a food as ‘vegan’ made it unappealing to them, the highest negative rating of those terms surveyed. ‘Diet’ was unappealing to 31% of the respondents, and ‘sugar free’ to 20%.

‘Gluten free’ and ‘organic’ didn’t fare very well, with respondents reacting negatively 17% and 13% of the time, respectively.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, foods labeled ‘fresh’ or ‘farm fresh’, whatever those terms might mean, were viewed positively by 81% and 72% of those surveyed. The third most popular phrasing, ‘Sourced from American Farmers’ garnered a 68% positive response.


The survey was conducted by Morning Consult the second week of May. To read more on the survey, click here.

-Jim Dickrell