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How Farmers Can Use Social Media to Influence Change in Their Community

February 18, 2021

One of the most exciting new ways we have seen farmers take steps forward in their conservation journey is by learning from peers in the industry via social media. They are then able to share their efforts with the public in the same way. Social media can be an incredible tool to bring conservation agriculture to farmers and ranchers through those they trust most – one another.  It allows food producers to bring their individual experiences to an invested audience of followers which allows for information and expertise to be shared like never before.

In Trust In Food’s work to accelerate the transition to more sustainable and resilient agricultural systems, we have identified one of the most powerful tools to spur change is by encouraging early adopters of sustainable agriculture to connect with other farmers in their community and social media.

Those who are elevating their platform to educate, inspire and support others are doing so by sharing their success and their hardships, posting consistent content, and interacting with their followers across a variety of backgrounds and specialties. Social media offers an opportunity for famers to learn firsthand about the ways these practices could benefit both their land and their bottom line.

We, at Trust In Food, are dedicated to providing the resources and support needed to help those farmers, inspired by their peers, take the next step forward. You can learn more about the place-based work we are doing to connect likeminded farmers with one another here.

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