Growing For The Future:

Business Lessons From Ag Retail's Conservation Leaders

How innovators are successfully embracing conservation, stewardship and resilience for greater impact.
A research collaboration between Trust In Food and Environmental Defense Fund (EDF)

This report features insights from more than 82 U.S. ag retail business leaders and professionals, highlighting ways in which they have successfully integrated products and services related to conservation agriculture and the sustainability of agriculture into their retail business’ portfolios.

The study demonstrates the positive ripple effect—actual and anticipated—that this integration can have on a retail organization’s bottom line, on the success of its grower-customers, and on the environment.

It seeks to galvanize the ag retail sector and its partners around a set of actionable steps that can help scale adoption of sustainability-related products and services within the ag retail business sector.

The report features data-driven recommendations on:

• Creating Reputational Leadership Through Conservation Agriculture Solutions
• Improving Impact Through Data and Emerging Technology
• Unlocking Capital Through Partnerships and Collaboration
• Developing a Triple Bottom Line Approach Through the Diversification of Products and Services

Photo Credits: United Soybean Board, the Soybean Checkoff, and USDA NRCS