How farmers feel about data collection and sharing

Our new report in collaboration with The Sustainability Consortium (TSC) provides actionable insights on the complex relationship among farmers, their operation’s production data and conservation. We surveyed 610 row-crop farmers of all sizes from across 42 states to understand their perspectives on farm-level data collection and sharing.  We asked questions like:  How much data do […]

Farmer Perspectives on Data

Several challenges prevent farmers from collecting and sharing data on their production practices with downstream supply chain organizations, such as food companies and retailers. This project undertook research in collaboration with The Sustainability Consortium to understand farmer perspectives around these challenges and makes informed recommendations on how organizations can adapt their programs to farmer needs. […]

The State of Sustainable Ag

An ongoing research collaboration  with Field To Market to identify production trends and farmer perspectives in conservation farming.  THE ISSUE: Understanding farmer perceptions around sustainable ag is a critical need Knowing how farmers understand, value, and perceive sustainable production practices is essential to good programming.  OUR SOLUTION: Annual survey of farmers   We collaborated  with Field […]