“I Am Boots on the Ground”: How Conservation Steward Javier Zamora Supports New Farmers

California field day participants observe parsley harvest.

What looks good on paper doesn’t always translate on farm. That is why agricultural innovation and improvement conversations often pack the most punch when they’re led by someone who has road-tested big ideas and has the most at stake: the farmers and ranchers themselves. To foster these producer-led conversations, America’s Conservation Ag Movement brought together […]

Farmer Perspectives on Data

Several challenges prevent farmers from collecting and sharing data on their production practices with downstream supply chain organizations, such as food companies and retailers. This project undertook research in collaboration with The Sustainability Consortium to understand farmer perspectives around these challenges and makes informed recommendations on how organizations can adapt their programs to farmer needs. […]

Annual Report Highlights Sustainability Insights and Progress in the Produce Sector

Whether exploring the sustainability progress of almond producers in California or peach growers in Georgia, The Packer is the industry’s premier produce industry brand. That’s why we teamed up with these industry-leading journalists to travel coast to coast in search of compelling sustainability insights and learnings, culminating in the annual Sustainability & Specialty Crops Report. […]

Executive Conference Casts Vision for Produce Sector’s Sustainable Future

The unique composition of the produce sector—including growers, packers, shippers and retailers—makes convening leaders from across the supply chain important to keep on top of sustainability trends. Hosted by The Packer and Trust In Food, a Farm Journal initiative, the Sustainable Produce Summit provided virtual networking and continuing education opportunities for produce executives representing all […]

Spotlight on Innovations Advancing Soil Health

To help the produce sector glean insights into new innovations emerging for soil health in row crops—and what that might mean for fruit and vegetable production—we invited Mike Riffle, field development and sustainability manager at Valent U.S.A, to explain why a strong soil microbiome can lead to better yield, improved nutrient use efficiency and even […]