Feb. 7-8, 2024 | Loews Kansas City Hotel 

Join sustainability professionals from across the food value chain.


7:30-8:30  Breakfast

8:30-10:00  Q1 ACAM Board Meeting (members only)

10:00-11:00  CSC subcommittees (invitation only)


General Sessions Begin

11:30-1:00  Lunch and Opening Panel Discussion, co-located with Top Producer Summit

Information Overload: How AI is Making A Sea of Data More Useful

There’s no lack of data in today’s farm operations. Everything you do either captures or generates data, but how does that information become insights to help you manage your agronomy and your operations? Technology companies are investing in cloud computing and AI-based tools to analyze data that allows producers to make real-time prescriptions from the wealth of data you’re generating on your farm. Learn how big tech is helping producers make data more valuable to their unique weather, soil and crop conditions.

Elliot Grant, CEO of Mineral, an Alphabet Company

Jake Joraanstad, CEO of Bushel

1:30-1:50  Meeting the Moment, Putting Producers at the Center of Decision Making

Amy Skoczlas Cole, President, Trust In Food & Farm Journal Insights

1:50-2:20  Meeting the Moment Workshop Introduction
Industry Leaders set the stage for Transformative Issues for Stakeholders Supporting Producers for this Seminal Moment

Attendees will explore critical issues that require fresh thinking, solutions and a united effort across the food value chain to advance climate-smart agriculture at this critical moment in time. Be part of an executive-level exercise that creates a roadmap for progress.

2:20-4:00  Breakout tables of same-sector organizations brainstorm solutions using provided template

Topic 1: Uniting Across the Livestock Value Chain and Feed Production: Incubating peer knowledge transfer and support mechanisms within producer communities and supported by the value chain working in production agriculture can have meaningful impact on a sector that is ripe for rapid innovation.

Table leaders: TBD

Topic 2: Technology Adoption and Optimizing Data Use: Spurring on-farm innovation to foster better data capture and reporting to help producers capitalize on the climate economy, emerging market opportunities and supply shed demands.

Table leaders: TBD

Topic 3: Establishing the ROI of Climate-Smart Agriculture for Producers: Benefits have value. Mitigating weather risk, improving asset value, reducing input costs, yield gains, access to new markets, technical consultancy, implementation support and other benefits of conservation have real monetary value that farmers and ranchers must understand better to encourage practice change.

Table leaders: TBD

4:00-4:15  Refreshment break

4:10-5:00  Presentation of key findings and discussion. Recommendations will be compiled into an executive summary for all attendees

5:00-5:15  Closing remarks


Reception/Dinner TBD

7:30-8:30  Breakfast

8:30-9:15  Keynote Speaker

9:15-10:30  Panel Discussion

Informed Program Design: Using data insights for high-impact producer outreach and continuous improvement

10:30-10:45  Refreshment break

10:45-11:45  Deep Roots and Muddy Boots: A multi-generational discussion by producers of what the climate-smart agriculture world looks like from the front lines

Producer panel moderated by Jimmy Emmons, Senior Vice President of Conservation Programs, Trust In Food

11:45-12:45  Success Stories in Conservation

Join leading organization for a lightning round of accomplishments from the past year to understand what has worked in program design, outreach, implementation and change on the ground. Get ideas and share insights in this interactive session aimed to move everyone’s work forward.

12:45-1:00  Closing remarks & adjourn

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