January 18, 2019

During an uncertain time, profitability on every acre is critical

Guest commentary by Matt Carstens, Senior Vice President of Land O'Lakes SUSTAIN It’s no secret that across America, farmers face tremendous economic volatility from near-record low prices, trade conflict and beyond. As agriculture faces a rapidly-changing landscape and new challenges, the ways in which we plan our work and measure our success are evolving, too. For decades, we’ve been able…


January 18, 2019

WWF Responds to EAT-Lancet Report on Global Diets

Guest Commentary by Jason Clay, World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Earth is home to 7.5 billion people. Feeding us comes at a cost – producing food is now the single biggest driver of environmental degradation. And, that is before we have more, wealthier people who consume differently. But the choice isn’t between providing for humanity or protecting the planet. In some…


October 16, 2018

Save The Date For 2019 Trust In Food Symposium

The second annual Trust In Food™ Symposium, an all-inclusive field-to-table roundtable focused on scaling conservation agriculture and fortifying consumer trust, takes place Jan. 15-16, 2019, at the Hilton Chicago Hotel. Registration details will be posted soon; early inquiries may be sent to Program Manager Nate Birt at More than ever, today’s consumers are aware of the purpose and principles…


October 8, 2018

Farm Bill Updates Could Protect Ranchers, Grasslands

The 2014 farm bill has lapsed, temporarily sapping key federal financial support for the Conservation Reserve Program (CRP), among other incentives. Yet inability to reach consensus in Congress isn’t stopping organizations such as World Wildlife Fund (WWF) from calling for a better patchwork of incentives to help U.S. farmers and ranchers operate their businesses profitably while preserving at-risk grasslands. “Farm…


September 24, 2018

Farmers Need Help Fighting Food Waste, World Wildlife Fund Says

A recent study over one season of select U.S. produce farms finds an astonishing 56% of romaine lettuce, 40% of tomatoes and 39% of peaches never made it out of the field, according to World Wildlife Fund (WWF). In some cases, the market dries up. In others, weather damages the crop. Those findings suggest the entire food system, including farmers…


August 2, 2018

Flexitarian Eaters Spur Machinery Maker To Action

On a recent trip to Silicon Valley, Horsch Manufacturing founder Michael Horsch took his children and senior management on a quest. They had three objectives: Learn about the latest in change management. Study how artificial intelligence is advancing. And probe the eating habits of California’s tech professionals. Horsch smiles as he recounts walking into office kitchens, opening refrigerators and taking…


July 9, 2018

Five Tips To Enter The Local Food Scene

[caption id="attachment_2428" align="alignright" width="225"] Jeffrey Cramer and his wife, Tara, launched a grass-fed beef business this spring to serve local customers in and around their hometown of Tennille, Ga. Source: Tara Cramer[/caption] If you are a farmer growing row crops, you might be skeptical about the ease of starting to serve up food to farmers market shoppers. But the transition…


June 19, 2018

Meat-Free Menus Take Off

You and your fellow Americans can help prevent catastrophic sea-level rise, devastating droughts and other predicted consequences of climate change, says Kaj Török, chief reputation officer and chief sustainability officer at Sweden-based restaurant chain Max Burgers. Begin by reducing your annual beef consumption approximately 95%, he says. That equates to per-person beef consumption of 2.8 lb. annually, compared to 55.7…


June 7, 2018

PepsiCo Champions Farmer Economic Security, Sustainability

The word “sustainability” doesn’t give too many farmers the warm fuzzies, admits Margaret Henry, PepsiCo director of sustainable agriculture. She gets it. Henry grew up on a Kentucky dairy farm. But here’s why she thinks the concept is important: In her view, it allows the food system to speak with a common language that resonates with consumers. If used properly,…


May 30, 2018

Partnership Aims to Improve Animal Welfare with Genetics

Dehorning could soon be a thing of the past thanks to alliance formed by two genetics companies based in the U.S. and Canada. Recombinetics, a Minnesota company specializing in livestock genetic editing, has partnered with Canadian semen distributor Semex to help bring more polled genetics into dairy cattle breeding. The alliance will help utilize precision breeding in an effort to…