Our Approach

Equipping farmers to understand, value and feel capable of climate-smart agriculture

Why Trust In Food™?

Global demand for climate-smart commodities is driving innovation in production systems. Producers are answering the call with help from supply chain partners to implement  sustainable practices with more transparency from farm to table and every step in between.

For nearly 150 years, Farm Journal has provided generations of farmers, ranchers and growers with the information and practical advice they need. As one of the most trusted voices in agriculture, we have a special responsibility to empower American farmers to thrive by meeting evolving business, market, environmental and social expectations.

Our Mission

Trust In Food™ is a social purpose initiative of Farm Journal, working to accelerate the transition toward climate-smart practices for a more resilient ag system across the U.S.

Our Goal

We make every dollar invested in climate-smart ag go further by ensuring it works smarter and harder. In doing so, we secure a better future for our country’s farmers, for our natural resources and for all of us who depend on them.

Our Theory of Change

If farmers understand, want, and feel capable, they will adopt climate-smart production practices and technologies more quickly, and across more of their operations. 

If sustainable food and agriculture professionals have better data and insights into farmers’ change journeys, they can program their investment dollars more effectively. 

What We Do

Trust In Food™ puts the trust, reach and data of Farm Journal to work to accelerate the transition toward a more resilient and regenerative American ag sector.  

We provide greater insight into the human dimensions of producer decisions

  • Our cutting-edge research reports provide farmer-first insights into how producers make decisions  
  • Custom studies for TIF clients get at the heart of challenges and illuminates solutions 
  • New proprietary research assesses both where producers are on their sustainability journeys and also identifies what support they need, and which individual farmers are most likely to engage next

We develop strategy, engagement and enrollment for climate-smart, regenerative and conservation ag programs

  • Conservation organizations trust us to find and enroll supporters from across farm country for everything from engaging on a new practice to supporting policy efforts 
  • University researchers and Extension teams count on Trust In Food™ to serve as arms, legs and trusted messengers 
  • From cutting-edge carbon programs to time-honored conservation ag practices,  sustainability leaders turn to TIF for strategy, engagement and enrollment that works

We provide a direct 'last mile' connection to ag producers for change programs

  • From coast to coast, Trust In Food™ coordinates farmer peer networks designed to help producers share and learn from one another in ways that build trust, accelerate change and reduce risk 
  • Our sustainable farming ambassadors can be found, and turned to, wherever agriculture is found 
  • We build, support and run “help desk” functionality to ensure that programming reaches farmers in their communities, in ways that work for them. 

We convene and drive collaboration at scale

  • We have organized and lead the day-to-day operations of America’s Conservation Ag Movement, the largest public-private partnership focused on conservation agriculture acceleration at national, regional and local levels.
  • Our invitation-only Human Dimensions of Producer Behavior community of practice provides a safe space for researchers and sustainability leaders to share what works, what doesn’t and why
  • Since 2018, the annual Trust In Food™ Symposium has served as the go-to gathering for sustainability leaders to connect with the frontline farmers, ranchers and growers leading the way for the future of agriculture 

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