Liz Hunt


Liz is head of sustainable and responsible business at Syngenta. Liz combines practical know-how and visionary partnerships to make sustainability accessible and real. She is here to work with you to bring insights on scaling sustainable agriculture to life across all cropping systems. Liz can do this because she understands what moves the needle for sustainability and what doesn’t, helping to cut through the clutter and focus on what is essential for progress.  

Liz believes that sustainability has to be attainable for farmers and the value chain. She takes a practical, step-wise approach, because sustainable agriculture doesn’t have to be hard!  

While her day-to-day focus is on regional solutions, she’s on the lookout for opportunities to improve smallholder livelihoods through access to agronomic education and technology. She’s grateful to work for a company that can have a positive impact on farmers of all sizes and crops around the world.  

Liz has had the opportunity to see the world throughout her career and have a true appreciation for the needs of farmers globally. She participated in an experiential learning opportunity with Syngenta working with smallholder farmers in rural Bangladesh where she got first-hand knowledge of farmer needs and how access to agriculture technology can truly make a difference in farmer livelihoods.    

The root of her work stems from the fact that she loves all plants, whether they feed your body or your soul. After earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Horticulture and Business Management from Iowa State University, Liz spent 20+ years in the flower industry developing, producing, and marketing plants for indoor and outdoor gardening. Her passion for plants was easily transferred to sustainable agriculture and applying the same scientific principles and insights to agronomic crops – plants are plants!   

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