Roylene Comes At Night

Roylene M Comes At Night

USDA Natural Resource Conservation Service

Roylene M Comes At Night, USDA Natural Resource Conservation Service (NRCS) State Conservationist (formerly Rides at the Door) is the 5th generation raised on her family’s cattle and horse ranch located on the Blackfeet Nation in northwestern Montana. Her family continues to reside on the original allotment the government assigned to her great-great- grandfather, Rides at the Door.

Comes At Night graduated from Montana State University (MSU), where she majored in Range Science and minored in Soils Science. She grew up in a traditional environment on her family’s ranch and was raised with cultural values of caring for the land. Her father’s work in natural resources and her mother’s

role as a science teacher contributed to what she felt was her destiny – a career in conservation. Roylene enjoys mentoring up and coming employees in NRCS. She also enjoys and participates in many tribal ceremonies.

Roylene began work with United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) 30 years ago as a student trainee. After graduation, she worked full-time as a Soil Conservationist (SC) in several local field offices in Montana working with local rancher, farmers, landowners, and tribes. Her leadership career began when she was promoted to District Conservationist (DC) in Shelby, Montana where she supervised employees and directed operations of the local county office. Roylene’s next career move took her to Phoenix, Arizona where she was asked to serve as one of the nation’s first State American Indian Tribal Liaisons. Comes At Night continued her leadership development through a promotion to Assistant State Conservationist for Field Operations where she led the operations for 21 local field offices and supervised directly and indirectly 63 employees in South East Oklahoma.

In 2005, Roylene was selected as NRCS’s first American Indian Female State Conservationist of Rhode Island. In this capacity, she worked with the Governor’s office and partners to expand conservation efforts especially involving conservation easements. In 2008, Comes At Night was named State Conservationist of Washington State. She has strengthened agricultural and conservation partnerships, improved outreach to underserved communities and bridged together Tribes, agriculture and conservation partners to better preserve the lands of Washington State. Roylene currently serves as the second longest standing State Conservationist in the nation and resides in Spokane, WA with her husband, Michael and two cocker spaniels Rex and Cody.

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