ACAM Executive Q&A: Rick Rice, Director, Application Technology, AMVAC Chemical Corp.

Data is critical to the climate-smart economy. Prescriptive-application crop protection and plant health leader AMVAC Chemical Corp. is rolling out solutions to help widen adoption of precision technologies and the data sharing that drives them.   Farm-level production data is critical for precision agriculture and sustainable production systems, but many factors continually stand in the way […]

How One Dairy Farmer Found Herself on the VERGE of the Climate Conversation

It’s not easy for Suzanne Vold to leave the day-to-day business of the dairy farm that she runs alongside her husband and brother-in-law. After all, the fourth-generation farm in Minnesota has 500 cows and 600 acres of row crops that supply forage and grain for the herd.  But, in October, Vold received an offer that […]

“I Am Boots on the Ground”: How Conservation Steward Javier Zamora Supports New Farmers

California field day participants observe parsley harvest.

What looks good on paper doesn’t always translate on farm. That is why agricultural innovation and improvement conversations often pack the most punch when they’re led by someone who has road-tested big ideas and has the most at stake: the farmers and ranchers themselves. To foster these producer-led conversations, America’s Conservation Ag Movement brought together […]

ACAM Executive Q&A: Lori Captain, Executive Vice-President of Global Sustainability Strategy, Science and Industry Affairs, Innovation Center for U.S. Dairy

Innovation Center for U.S. Dairy’s model for collaboration is helping to galvanize the industry, remove barriers for conservation and advance climate-smart agriculture  According to the Innovation Center for U.S. Dairy, their goal is a “world where U.S. dairy unlocks transformative good for people and the planet, becoming a catalyst for a healthy, sustainable future.” The checkoff-funded […]

Growers Need Additional Tools to Maintain Healthy Crops; Aligning Innovation with Sustainability Throughout the Value Chain

For America’s Conservation Ag Movement Partner Valent U.S.A., a commitment to sustainability is woven into the input leader’s corporate fabric, in large part because of its owner, Sumitomo Chemical, which has been committed to the practice since its inception in 1913. As the agriculture industry places more emphasis on sustainability, Valent U.S.A. is relying upon […]

ACAM Executive Q&A: John Duff, Strategic Consultant, United Sorghum Checkoff Program and National Sorghum Producers

Sorghum’s benefits in sustainability are helping advocates lead the way into more market opportunities for the resource-conserving crop The United Sorghum Checkoff Program and National Sorghum Producers hail sorghum as “The Resource Conserving Crop” because of a myriad of benefits that the crop provides, both for agronomic conservation practices and for biodiversity.  “Sorghum has been […]

How New Carbon Claims Shortchange Sustainable Agriculture and Why It Matters

Making sense of evolving carbon markets and understanding their on-farm implications is not for the faint of heart. Mitchell Hora, CEO of Continuum Ag, seventh generation Iowa farmer and advocate for regenerative agriculture, has made it his mission to help producers navigate the carbon conversation. Most recently, Hora and Trust In Food President, Amy Skoczlas […]

ACAM Executive Q&A: Shaun Berry Vice-President, Research & Development Certis Biologicals

As adoption of biologicals increases, so does the need for science-based decisions and trusted advisors. Certis Biologicals, the legacy innovator in the space, brings expertise and a commitment to sustainability that helps them cut through the noise.  For more than 60 years, Certis Biologicals has been investing in research to shore up the reputation of […]