Betsy Jackson

As Outreach Coordinator, Climate Smart Programming for Historically Underserved Communities Betsy focuses on building authentic partnerships to expand Farm Journal’s reach to historically underserved farmers and ranchers. Her goal is to support these producers in adopting climate-smart practices that align with their personal values and aspirations. Betsy’s journey began with a master’s degree in social […]

Andrew Lauver

Andrew Lauver joins Farm Journal serving as Director of Business Development, Trust in Food following more than a decade in the ag industry focused on precision agriculture, biotechnology, sustainability, ag policy, and industry relations.  In this role, Andrew delivers Trust In Food’s capabilities to support food companies, agribusinesses, nonprofits, and government agencies with their sustainable food […]

Jimmy Emmons

Jimmy Emmons leads Trust In Food’s Partnerships for Climate-Smart Commodities Connected Ag Project, America’s Conservation Ag Movement and Trust In Beef, coalition-driven conservation programs developed to accelerate the adoption of conservation agriculture at scale. Jimmy and his wife, Ginger, own and operate Emmons Farm in Leedey, Okla., where they farm 2,000 acres and have 5,000 […]

Jamie Sears Rawlings

Working in agriculture communications for more than a decade has taught Jamie Sears Rawlings one principle: In order for the industry to accept and adopt change, it must have information to drive those decisions. Jamie joins the Trust In Food and American’s Conservation Ag Movement to focus on providing more of the information needed to […]

Kaeli Elisco

Kaeli leads the Client Success Trust In Food team focusing on project management and creating an excellent customer journey. More than 15 years of media experience, managing and executing programs to ensure client success.  

Emily Maneval

Emily Maneval is Trust In Food’s Client Success Manager. Her work focuses specifically with our America’s Conservation Ag Movement (ACAM) clients. She engages our private and public sector partners to ensure they are receiving the support needed to achieve their goals and deliverables while maintaining the progress and integrity of the ACAM mission to accelerate […]

David Frabotta

David Frabotta is an award-winning multimedia journalist with 20+ years of B2B publishing and brand management experience. He’s worked in agriculture for more than 10 years focused on the global crop input industries and precision agriculture, including the impact of site-specific farming on sustainability and profitability. He directs Trust in Food’s climate-smart Ag interactive programing, […]

Cara Urban

Cara Urban joined Trust In Food in early 2022 to help advance sustainable agriculture as the team’s Sustainability + Carbon Analyst. She supports the design, implementation and delivery of client projects, applying TIF’s human dimensions of change approach to quantitative results to offer qualitative, actionable insights. By collaborating with agricultural data, research, carbon and ecosystem […]

Rebecca Bartels

Following a nearly decade long career dedicated to connecting the international crop input and technology supply chain, Rebecca joins Farm Journal, the most trusted business intelligence and communications company focused on agriculture in the U.S. There, she serves on the leadership team of the company’s newest purpose-driven brand, Trust In Food, and America’s Conservation Ag […]

Nate Birt

Nate Birt is Senior Adviser to Farm Journal’s Trust In Food. In his past role as Vice President, he led the day-to-day operations of America’s Conservation Ag Movement, a national public-private partnership that empowers collaborators to leverage Farm Journal’s 145+ years of market trust and farmer-to-farmer networks to accelerate adoption of regenerative practices, products and […]