Chelsea Slaton

Chelsea Slaton is the Grants Manager for Trust In food.  In this role, Chelsea utilizes her vast experience in managing grant programs and projects to ensure that we have the systems, processes, and reporting needed to meet requirements and to ensure that we can demonstrate the impact being made. She liaises with partners on financial […]

Joelle Orem

Joelle leads Trust In Food’s visual communications strategy and execution for key producer-facing initiatives including the Climate-Smart Commodities Connected Ag Project and Trust In Beef. With over a decade of experience in marketing, communications and brand management, she applies a holistic approach to addressing challenges through creative solutions.  She and her husband own and operate […]

Kristin Leigh Lore

Kristin is a writer with over two decades experience telling the stories of food producers, Fortune 500 companies and start-ups at every stage of the seed to plate journey. As Manager of Climate-Smart Content, she writes stories, curates resources and develops programming that spotlights best-in-class conservation agriculture practices and people across Trust In Food’s platforms. […]

Rebecca Tobin

Data is the driving force behind the climate-smart economy, and Rebecca Tobin excels at analyzing data, specifically as a way to accelerate change behavior. She uses her expertise in statistical analysis, modeling and uncovering patterns to bring actionable insights to our clients and partners to help build a more resilient future for the agricultural industry. […]

Judy Rockvam

Trust In Food knows that climate-smart agriculture begins in the minds of the farmer. Judy Rockvam leads the team that analyzes the hearts and minds of those farmers, digging into how they make decisions, what factors lead to change and ultimately, what is needed to support movement along their sustainability journey.   Judy has spent decades […]

Andrew Lyon

Andrew Lyon is Trust in Food’s Director of Technical Assistance focusing on supporting growers and implementation of the Climate-Smart Commodities Connected Ag Project.  He manages a team of Technical Assistance providers to work with farmers and ranchers to implement conservation practices and new technologies to increase profitability, improve natural resources, sequester carbon and reduce greenhouse gas […]

Betsy Jackson

As Outreach Coordinator, Climate Smart Programming for Historically Underserved Communities Betsy focuses on building authentic partnerships to expand Farm Journal’s reach to historically underserved farmers and ranchers. Her goal is to support these producers in adopting climate-smart practices that align with their personal values and aspirations. Betsy’s journey began with a master’s degree in social […]

Andrew Lauver

Andrew Lauver joins Farm Journal serving as Director of Business Development, Trust in Food following more than a decade in the ag industry focused on precision agriculture, biotechnology, sustainability, ag policy, and industry relations.  In this role, Andrew delivers Trust In Food’s capabilities to support food companies, agribusinesses, nonprofits, and government agencies with their sustainable food […]

Jimmy Emmons

Jimmy Emmons leads Trust In Food’s Partnerships for Climate-Smart Commodities Connected Ag Project, America’s Conservation Ag Movement and Trust In Beef, coalition-driven conservation programs developed to accelerate the adoption of conservation agriculture at scale. Jimmy and his wife, Ginger, own and operate Emmons Farm in Leedey, Okla., where they farm 2,000 acres and have 5,000 […]

Jamie Sears Rawlings

Working in agriculture communications for more than a decade has taught Jamie Sears Rawlings one principle: In order for the industry to accept and adopt change, it must have information to drive those decisions. Jamie joins the Trust In Food and American’s Conservation Ag Movement to focus on providing more of the information needed to […]