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Building unlikely partnerships, peer to peer farmer learning networks, rural networking, triple-bottom line community development

Ethan White is the Manager of Farmer Outreach and Engagement for Farm Journal’s Trust In Food. A seasoned relationship- and network-builder, Ethan works to increase the resilience of food systems by increasing connections across the agri-food value chain and supporting triple-bottom-line management that improves the livelihoods of farmers. He works closely with agribusinesses, government agencies, conservation- and food-focused NGOs, and other industry partners to build a more robust agricultural value chain.

Before joining Trust In Food in 2019, Ethan worked as a business development manager for regional, food-focused nonprofits and built a small business focused on climate-controlled growing solutions for climate-insecure communities. He was also a fellow for the Mountain Resilience Coalition, building international mountain community networks for the U.N. Mountain Partnership. Ethan also served as a U.S. Peace Corps volunteer in Fiji and is a two-time AmeriCorps alumnus.

Ethan holds a master’s degree in environmental management with an emphasis on sustainable and resilient communities from Western State University in Colorado. He holds a bachelor’s degree in communication with an emphasis in public relations from Greenville University in Illinois.

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