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Director of Climate-Smart Content

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Input supply chains, autonomy and robotics, machine learning, carbon farming, integrated marketing campaigns, public relations and outreach, and how consumer trends and preferences are driving change in food and production systems.

David Frabotta is an award-winning multimedia journalist with 20+ years of B2B publishing and brand management experience. He’s worked in agriculture for more than 10 years focused on the global crop input industries and precision agriculture, including the impact of site-specific farming on sustainability and profitability.

He directs Trust in Food’s climate-smart Ag interactive programing, working with USDA-NRCS, ACAM partners, and other thought leaders to deliver content to help producers identify and embrace opportunities in climate-positive agricultural practices for the betterment of people, planet, and profit.

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ACAM Executive Q&A: Michael Gomes, V.P. Sustainability and Global Corporate Responsibility, Topcon

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How Farm Policy Responds To Producer Needs

Farm Bill programs and new funding mechanisms aim to meet the backlog of demand from farmers and ranchers. Both sides of his family survived the Dust Bowl, the drought of...

Syngenta’s Cropwise Sustainability App Gives Producers a Platform to Assess Opportunities In Conservation

Self-assessment tool allows farmers and ranchers to establish a conservation score to baseline different aspects of their operations.  Farmers around the country want to do the right things when it...

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