U.S. Farmer Perspectives on Water

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U.S. Farmer Perspectives on Water:

A communicator’s roadmap for engaging with U.S. farmers around water challenges

A research collaboration between Trust In Food and American Public Media’s The Water Main

This report features analysis on responses from over 900 U.S. farmers on how
they view and value water.

The report identifies water-related trends amongst farmers and is organized as a roadmap for communicators wishing to engage with the U.S. farm base around water issues with data-driven recommendations to improve their outreach.

It seeks to galvanize the water communicator sector around a set of actionable
steps that can help scale adoption rates of water conservation and protection
related on-farm practices.

The report features findings and data-driven recommendations on how to:

  • Strengthen the foundation farmers need to serve as solutions to water
  • Engage with farmers through mitigation and resilience-building programs aimed at minimizing water challenges
  • Empower farmers to maintain and improve their role as a solution to water challenges

This report was done in collaboration with American Public Media’s The Water Main, who undertook a similar survey representative of all Americans, not just farmers. That report can be viewed here.

Photo Credits: grasshopper Geography, Jason Johnson, USDA NRCS, Montana USDA NRCS, Frank McKenna, Lance Cheung USDA NRCS

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