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America’s Conservation Ag Movement convenes farmers, agriculture businesses and the conservation community together around the future of farming by bringing profitable, planet-friendly farming into the mainstream. We connect the dots, giving farmers a platform to share their journey, meet other farmers on the same path and access the resources they need to undertake change.

Organized by Trust In Food™ and Farm Journal Foundation with technical and financial support from USDA’s Natural Resources Conservation Service, this public-private partnership empowers collaborators to leverage Farm Journal’s 145-plus years of market trust and farmer-to-farmer networks to accelerate adoption of regenerative practices, products and technologies.

Learn how you can draw on the collective power of being an ACAM member to make your organization’s sustainability investments go further faster.

Scaling Connected Ag

Scaling Connected AG

In this free resource, you’ll get a firsthand look at what U.S. row-crop and livestock farmers plus ag retailers say works for them when it comes to using data and technology to drive on-farm decision making. We led four focus groups to glean insights for farmers and ag retailers curious about using data to build more profitable and sustainable businesses–and to illustrate for industry leaders the resources they need to be successful.

Consider this FREE report a toolbox of ideas, one or some of which could help you (or someone you know) get more ROI out of your farm data with less hassle. This report is brought to you by the Founding Partners of America’s Conservation Ag Movement and the members of its Connected Ag Working Group.

Specialty Growers are Moving Sustainable Agriculture Forward. Watch to Learn More.

California’s specialty crop growers know sustainability and innovation can make their operations more resilient. Four factors in particular—water quality, soil health, pollinators and emerging technology—can improve their businesses and lower their environmental footprint. The result? A more sustainable food system that benefits all of us. In this exclusive video series available for viewing from America’s Conservation Ag Movement (ACAM), you’ll visit California farms and ranches throughout the Central Coast and San Joaquin Valley to see how specialty growers are moving sustainable agriculture forward. ACAM is there to support them on that journey, every step of the way.

ACAM Values California Growers’ Sustainability Journeys

ACAM Values Emerging Technologies

ACAM Values Water Quality

ACAM Values Soil Health

ACAM Values Protecting Pollinators

ACAM Watershed Events 2021

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July 29th

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August 11th


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October 22nd


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