We help farmers enrich soils, protect waters, clear skies and nurture habitats.

Consumer confidence and trust in the value chain that grows, processes and markets America’s food depends on a sustainable and resilient agricultural production system.

Across the nation, we are collaborating to bolster such a system – alongside government agencies, conservation nonprofits, farmer associations, agribusinesses, food companies and food retailers.

Together, we are empowering farmers to catalyze economic, environmental and social improvements by explaining the why, how and what next of adopting on-farm conservation and sustainability practices.


One of America’s largest public-private
partnerships committed to conservation
agriculture and sustainability.

Building trust in food begins with empowering farmers through one of the largest and most diverse conservation- and sustainability-focused public-private partnerships in our nation’s history: America’s Conservation Ag Movement.

A focus on conservation has long been a hallmark of American agriculture (learn more). But there’s much more to be done – and new ways to do it. In cooperation with the Farm Journal Foundation, a wide variety of conservation NGOs, and public and private entities, the initiative deploys extensive nationwide outreach and education –empowering farmers to adopt profitable conservation and stewardship practices on their farms.

The movement will reach almost 2 million farmers and influencers of agriculture across the entire agri-food value chain, including crop, produce, and livestock producers and the channels they serve. It will include national TV and radio programming, extensive magazine coverage, digital channels and social media outreach. The platform also features on-the-ground peer-to-peer learning, educational workbooks and webinars, training courses, multiple research projects exploring the history and economics of conservation agriculture practices on U.S. working lands, and more.

Focus areas include:

  • Enriching Soil Health
  • Protecting Waters
  • Clearing Skies
  • Growing Habitat
  • Fostering Farm Businesses

Help agriculture advance. Join the movement.


We utilize data science, research and strategic communications
to empower farmers and drive the adoption of profitable
conservation agriculture practices.

A purpose-driven division of Farm Journal, U.S. agriculture’s leading business intelligence and communications company

Trust In Food partners with leading NGOs, agribusinesses, government agencies and others to create solutions driving profitable on-farm conservation practice adoption, culminating in positive outcomes for farm businesses, communities and our shared natural resources.

Connect to farmers with America's most trusted agricultural voice

Farm Journal has been the most trusted voice in agriculture since 1877. Today, dozens of broadcast, digital, print and data brands capture the attention of nearly 2 million farmers, ranchers, advisors and partners that drive American agriculture. Our data scientists, researchers and journalists provide the critical science, business and market insights this audience needs to manage their operations.

Trust In Food uses the robust media platform and communications expertise of Farm Journal — across row crop, produce, livestock and channel partner audiences – and Farm Journal’s proprietary Farm Reach database capabilities to conduct highly effective behavior change outreach campaigns and illuminating sector research.

Farm Journal’s national reach.

Farm Journal’s proprietary agricultural database.

Data Science

Statistical modeling and analysis of proprietary and public agriculture and consumer data.


Custom qualitative and quantitative data collection and studies.

Strategic Communications

Data-driven behavior change communications and outreach, designed for intelligent delivery.

Current Projects

Enhancing the Relationship Between Farmers & Landowners

In the states of Illinois, Indiana and Iowa, many farmers don’t own the land they work, but instead rent from non-farming landowners, or nonoperating landowners (NOLs). Strong relationships between NOLs and farmers are vital to achieving wide-scale adoption of soil health and nutrient management practices across U.S. croplands. This project is designed to enhance understanding of those relationships and provide the tools and resources necessary to help both parties collaborate on soil health practices that improve farm businesses.

Improving Conservation Campaign Effectiveness

In the Chesapeake Bay Watershed, we are testing the use of machine learning and artificial intelligence platforms to predict and deliver micro-targeted conservation information and education. We’re working with our partners to deliver customized messages to farmers who own pieces of property critical to conservation and who are most open to engaging in conservation behaviors. We will use statistical modeling rooted in consumer behavior to ensure the resources we deliver are as useful and actionable to farmers as possible.

Accelerating Water Quality Improvements

In the North Raccoon Watershed of western Iowa, we are working with our partners to develop novel environmental and demographic datasets to target outreach and technical assistance to farmers and landowners. This process is expected to result in improved efficiency and accelerated adoption of conservation practices that improve water quality in the Mississippi River Basin.


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