Sears Rawlings

Manager, Climate-Smart Communications

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challenges in agriculture communications, grower-centric communications tools, building grassroots advocacy coalitions, biologicals, integrated pest management programs

Working in agriculture communications for more than a decade has taught Jamie Sears Rawlings one principle: In order for the industry to accept and adopt change, it must have information to drive those decisions. Jamie joins the Trust In Food and American’s Conservation Ag Movement to focus on providing more of the information needed to bridge the gap between consumers and the farm-gate and help propel conservation agriculture to the forefront of all conversations.  

Before joining Farm Journal, Jamie crafted award-winning communications campaigns for the biological crop input sector and built grassroots coalitions of growers and producers. Her work has placed her on the forefront of innovations in alternative crop protection methods, hemp development and biologicals and has led to development and coalition-building on specialty and row crop farms across the U.S.  

Jamie hails from her family farm in rural Kentucky, where she continues to live now, sharing the agriculture tradition with her young children.  

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Sears Rawlings

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