Building a better beef system

To sustain their beef production business and the natural resources that support them, beef producers urgently need to adopt more sustainable production and management practices. At the same time, beef consumers need to have a better and more holistic understanding of beef’s sustainability journey.

Trust In Beef™ is a collaborative value chain program designed to empower ranchers to enact meaningful sustainability-related change over the next 5 years while providing beef marketers with concrete case studies and data around beef’s upwards sustainability trajectory.

The goal? To accelerate beef producers’ sustainability journeys and help consumers connect with that story.


producers on their journey


consumers to beef’s sustainability story

Trust In Beef is powered by Drovers, the beef industry’s trusted voice since 1873 and Trust In Food, a Farm Journal sustainability initiative.

Trust in Food

Founding Partner and Technical Advisor

Producer Perspectives Research

During the summer of 2021 Trust In Beef undertook a first-of-its-kind research effort to understand the perspectives, beliefs, and actions of American beef producers regarding sustainability. Over 900 producers from more than 40 states shared their viewpoints on more than 50 questions.

Key findings indicate that many producers know that the beef industry is changing and needs to change more – but they are unsure about how to do this.

Producers Recognize Change is Needed…

  • 79% say producers should change production practices to meet consumer demands.
  • 56% recognize that the average US beef operation is not entirely environmentally sound

Some Are Already Taking Steps Forward…

  • 58% already have a formal grazing plan in place
  • 51% already have a plan in place to improve animal productivity

Many Are Unsure About Their Role…

  • 39% are unsure whether or not beef producers will have to implement sustainability-related practices in the next decade in order to stay in business

Plenty Have Not Made Necessary Changes…

  • 64% don’t think that setting year end goals is related to sustainable production
  • 42% do not have a formal grazing plan in place
  • 49% do not have a formal plan in place to improve animal productivity

And all need support in packaging their progress in ways that are meaningful to consumers.

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