The State of Sustainable Ag

October 22, 2020

An ongoing research collaboration  with Field To Market to identify production trends and farmer perspectives in conservation farming. 

THE ISSUE: Understanding farmer perceptions around sustainable ag is a critical need

Knowing how farmers understand, value, and perceive sustainable production practices is essential to good programming. 

OUR SOLUTION: Annual survey of farmers  

We collaborated  with Field To Market to undertake a national research study to learn more about farmers and their relationship to sustainable production practices. We survey them around their implementation rates of specific practices, how profitable they believe conservation practices can be, what challenges they face in implementing sustainable production practices, and what pathways they see to scaling their adoption rates.  

WHAT’S NEXT?: Changemakers are hungry for data  

The response to our research and insights reports from industry stakeholders points to a significant gap in this type of information. Organizations need to know adoption rate trends, perceptions, values, and beliefs at scale across large regions, but this information is hard to come by. There is a significant need for this study to continue, to grow in scale, and to be joined by other similar efforts to more deeply understand farmer relationships with conservation ag. 


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