Equipping Farmers With Answers to Carbon Market Questions

February 10, 2021

In partnership with the Ecosystem Services Market Consortium (ESMC), Trust In Food, Farm Journal’s social purpose initiative, hosted a farmer-focused virtual Carbon Markets Seminar. This interactive event helped producers navigate the opportunities made possible by emerging carbon markets, including new revenue streams for farm businesses. Framed in light of the Biden administration’s focus on and acceleration of carbon markets, the seminar addressed topics such as:

  • How markets work
  • The role producers play in a carbon market (and the environmental and economic opportunities before them)
  • Who carbon buyers are (and what they’re looking for)
  • Steps required from farm gate to carbon credit – including measuring, monitoring, evaluation and verification
  • Diversity of private sector carbon-market frameworks
  • Initial steps farmers/ranchers can take to learn more for themselves

Speakers included Benjamin Bartley, ESMC; Leo Bastos, Bayer; Kelley Thomas Delpit, Oregon rancher; Aldyen Donnelly, Nori; Michael Fruechte, Minnesota row-crop farmer.

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