New Case for Animal ID

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February 22, 2021

An education and outreach program for  cattle producers on why traceability matters for sustainability and what they can do to prepare for the future. 

THE ISSUE: Traceability is a central component of beef sustainability

From the threat of animal disease outbreak, the growing importance of export markets, and the innovative ways beef is marketed to consumers around the globe, the U.S. livestock industry is realizing that animal identification  might soon become a necessary part of doing business. As companies strive towards ambitious sustainability goals, animal traceability becomes a critical measurement component. The technology used to track animal IDs is rapidly changing; what once was a brand or hand-written ear tag, is now microchips and radio signals. Keeping up with this evolving situation can be difficult for producers. 

OUR SOLUTION: Empower ranchers to navigate traceability issues  

To help ranchers bridge the traceability gap, Farm Journal developed a webinar and resource guide aimed at helping producers better understand traceability technology. By delivering easy to digest resources digitally, we empower producers to do their own research.  

WHAT’S NEXT?: As technologies advance ranchers will continue to have educational needs

The need for ongoing education support efforts that reach ranchers will be critical as technologies continue to advance. Routinely disseminating information materials in ways that are easy for ranchers to understand and access will play a central role in advancing sustainability goals. 


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