The Key to a Robust Data Network is Actually a Robust Human Network

Digital farm-level data collection, use, and sharing rates across the U.S. are problematically low. These low rates create a snowball effect, ultimately hindering the progress of the farm operation itself as well as the sustainability efforts being undertaken by the supply chains  farm products enter. One of the key drivers of low rates of farm-level […]

Bridging ag’s digital divide

Farm-level production data is no magic panacea for climate change or agriculture’s sustainability problems. But, increased data collection and sharing can play a critical role in addressing the challenges we face reshaping the American agricultural sector to be more sustainable, resilient, and equitable. Increased data collection levels at the farm level empower farmers to make better […]

Sustainable produce is about more than just in-the-ground practices

One of the first things I talk to specialty crop producers about is how they keep their records. And not just their financial records but records of their on-farm practices, who they purchase their inputs from, how much water they use for irrigation, how they managed farm reside and waste, and more.  The reason for […]

Affinity Mapping: Increasing Efficiencies in the Planning Process

Affinity mapping is a powerful tool to segment key audiences, as well as inform resource allocation. With the Farm Journal Trusted Intelligence Platform, we’re able to gain deep insights into different audience segment affinities, based on the content that audience members are consuming.   At Trust In Food, we use Affinity Mapping for two main purposes: […]

How Public-Private Partnership Drives Smarter Conservation Ag Delivery

How can you transition your public-private partnership from “nice people working together to help farmers and shared ecosystems” to “nice people helping farmers and ecosystems while learning together and driving measurable impact that improves the world?” It’s a tall order, and one my colleagues and I have been exploring as organizers of a public-private partnership […]

The State of Sustainability: 2020 Snapshot

Research shows a farm base primed for action. Here are three ways changemakers can empower farmers to continue improving their conservation footprint in 2021.   Trust In Food collaborated with Field To Market to produce the ‘State of Sustainable Ag’ research report in 2020. Insights in the report are derived from a survey of American row […]

Digital Ag is Sustainable Ag

The on-farm digital transition is central to achieving supply chain sustainability goals – here is how we can accelerate it. According to research produced by The Sustainability Consortium (TSC), nearly 50% of food and beverage companies report having no visibility into the on-farm practices that produce the inputs they use. Think about that for a […]

The Future of Ag Retail

Three ways innovative ag retailers are leaning in to sustainability offerings in order to grow their business. Ag retailers have tremendous influence over agricultural production, given their role as one of a farmer’s most trusted advisors. They can therefore play an outsized role in accelerating the transition to a more sustainable and regenerative production system. […]