December 12, 2017

Survey: GMO Questions Linger In Moms’ Minds

A new survey finds that while taste, price and nutritional value continue to be the primary drivers for food-buying decisions among moms, environmentally friendly farming practices also are important. The data comes from A Fresh Look, a farmer-led nonprofit seeking to educate consumers who are undecided about GMOs used in food production. asked Marianne Smith Edge, a sixth-generation farmer and registered dietician…


December 4, 2017

Pork Industry Advances Sustainable Practices

Sustainability is integral to operating a multi-generational family farm, says Brad Greenway, a pork producer in Mitchell, S.D. For the past year, he has spoken across the U.S. as the 2016 America’s Pig Farmer of the Year, a designation the National Pork Board awards annually. “I’m very proud of the changes we’ve made and the reasons why,” says Greenway, referencing…


November 25, 2017

Scout The Tech Horizon

North Dakota producer ramps up precision ag and mobile tools Basis hasn’t been kind to farmers in North Dakota, where producers Jay and Cara Myers grow 1,500 acres of corn, 1,200 acres of soybeans and run AgroValley Solutions, an ag retail business. So the 2014 Top Producer of the Year honorees from Colfax, along with neighboring producers, have been laying…


November 21, 2017

Food Companies Find Reasons to Pair Up

Disruption is nothing new in the agriculture and food industries, yet massive shifts for the Big Six and Amazon’s decision to buy Whole Foods aren’t the only activities producers should follow. Here are several other shifts that suggest producers, manufacturers and retailers will continue reinventing what the future of food looks like. Dinner To Go WHAT: Albertsons, a food retailer…


November 15, 2017

Field To Market Announces 2017 Award Winners

Ongoing stewardship of land, water and wildlife earned Newport, Ark., rice producer Jennifer James the 2017 Farmer of the Year Award on Tuesday, Nov. 14, 2017, at Field to Market’s fall meeting in Kansas City. The agricultural sustainability organization also awarded its 2017 Collaboration of the Year Award to Kellogg Company, Syngenta and The Nature Conservancy for ongoing work to support water quality in Michigan’s Saginaw…


November 7, 2017

Stewardship Unites Supply Chain

Despite the misunderstandings that often divide farmers and grocery buyers, there are two points on which they’re likely to agree. First, a majority of farmers say they need to produce food in a more sustainable way. Second, a majority think consumer interest in sustainable food will affect their farm operations. Those findings come from a survey conducted this spring by…


October 20, 2017

Soil Health Partnership Enrolls 4,000-Plus Acres

A soil health program aimed at determining the economic, yield and environmental benefits of farm practices such as cover crops, nutrient management and reduced tillage has enrolled 111 farms across 12 states. Founded in 2014, the Soil Health Partnership (SHP) is an initiative of the National Corn Growers Association that is testing conservation practices on farms using plots from 20…


October 12, 2017

Illinois Farm Kid Becomes Globally Admired Ag Economist

Background: Danny Klinefelter worked at Texas A&M University and the Farm Credit System before returning to A&M after the 1980s financial crisis. He founded The Executive Program for Agricultural Producers (TEPAP). The program has had over 2,500 participants from 45 states, six Canadian provinces, Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Chile, Mexico, New Zealand, Paraguay and Uruguay. Education: Bachelor of science, Southern Illinois University; master…


June 6, 2017

Maker of Frosted Flakes Helping Farmers Improve Soil Health

Wading through wheat, Justin Krick, a farmer in Frankenmuth, Mich., is looking at one of his best wheat crops yet, but it's what's going on below the ground that's so unique. “You can see how far those roots are going down,” said Krick. His family's roots started six generations ago, with three generations standing on the family farm today. Soil…


May 11, 2017

Increased Interest in Grain Sourcing Creates Positive Change

There was a time when once grain left the farm gate, little was thought about where it went. Those days are disappearing quickly, with more and more links in the supply chain taking significant interest in how the grain they source is grown. The upside – interest usually leads to positive change in the industry. Case in point – Smithfield…