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Outreach Coordinator, Climate-Smart Programming for Historically Underserved Communities

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Developing resilience, exploring the synergy between organic farming and climate-smart practices, designing drip irrigation systems for water conservation, cultivating specialty crops within sustainable farming, recognizing the value of floriculture for small farm profitability, crafting accessible content, advocating for farmer-centered equity and collaboration

As Outreach Coordinator, Climate Smart Programming for Historically Underserved Communities Betsy focuses on building authentic partnerships to expand Farm Journal’s reach to historically underserved farmers and ranchers. Her goal is to support these producers in adopting climate-smart practices that align with their personal values and aspirations. Betsy’s journey began with a master’s degree in social work, where she dedicated herself to the mental health field, but her true calling emerged when she found solace and purpose in the world of agriculture. With almost a decade of farming experience, Betsy has cultivated her expertise across various scales and climates, focusing on organically grown specialty crops and diversified operations. She most recently managed an incubator farm that supported refugee farmers from Burma, highlighting her commitment to equitable and community-driven agriculture. She currently resides in North Carolina with her family.

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