Judy Rockvam



Vice President, Human Dimensions of Sustainable Agriculture 

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Farmer insights, data-driven decision-making, research strategy, qualitative and quantitative research initiatives, journey mapping, consumer behavior, ground level change, readiness, attitudinal studies

Trust In Food knows that climate-smart agriculture begins in the minds of the farmer. Judy Rockvam leads the team that analyzes the hearts and minds of those farmers, digging into how they make decisions, what factors lead to change and ultimately, what is needed to support movement along their sustainability journey. 

 Judy has spent decades in consumer insights and market research with an emphasis on uncovering what stands in the way of new behavior. Her expertise crosses a variety of industries and includes transportation, retail, hospitality, healthcare and technology.  

In her career, Judy has helped companies identify consumer insights and develop data-driven strategies for solutions for some of their most challenging barriers. She has managed campaigns designed to motivate environmentally-friendly transportation, helped companies understand consumer behavior around sustainable products and identified market opportunity for a major corporation. 

Her work in this area brings a deep level of understanding and expertise that Trust In Food uses to help companies all along agriculture’s value chain better implement and measure impactful change toward a more resilient future.  

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