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Vice President, Trust In Food

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Designing informed and outcomes driven change programs, farmer perspectives on sustainability, accelerating regenerative ag adoption, and bringing transformative solutions to scale.

Rebecca has spent her career working domestically and internationally as a strategic partner and market navigation advisor to leading food retail and CPG companies, multinational agribusinesses, foundations, government and nonprofits. Specializing in leveraging human-centered data-driven insights to inform engagement and behavior change, Rebecca has a proven track record helping partners ensure that every dollar spent on farmer and value chain outreach has maximum impact on outcomes.

Currently serving as Vice President of Farm Journal’s purpose driven Trust In Food division, Rebecca uses her extensive network across the public and private sector to build collective impact coalitions and form strategic partnerships that advance the adoption of conservation agriculture practices in measurable ways. 

Hailing from an Oneida, South Dakota farm family, Rebecca is a passionate believer that a change on the acre is a lagging indicator of progress, with a long and personal consideration process leading to action on the ground. With this philosophy as a driving force, Rebecca has led product and program design to accelerate that consideration process – conceptualizing, launching and guiding follow-through on  multimillion dollar USDA, NGO and privately-funded change programs across the crops and livestock sectors.

Rebecca joined Farm Journal from Agribusiness Global, where she served as Director of Business Development. There, she assessed agricultural innovation needs in Southeast Asia, Africa, and South America, leading to the launch of needs-based international trade engagements including The Sourcing Network, Biosolutions Africa, and Biostimulant CommerceCon to bring climate friendly solutions to rapidly evolving markets. 

Rebecca is a frequent speaker, presenter and author, contributing research driven insights at events including the Biostimulant World Congress, GreenBiz’ Verge, Sustainable Ag Summit, NASA Acres launch and more. 

Having lived and worked in four U.S. states and a handful of countries from Mexico to Spain, Rebecca currently resides in Cleveland, Ohio with her husband, toddler son, and a very rambunctious German Shephard rescue.

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