Farmer Learning Community Insights From The Field: A Chorus of Conservation ’Whys’

It seems that so much of the conversation about farmers and conservation centers on why farmers are not implementing conservation, including barriers and limitations to voluntary adoption. Those sentiments sometimes sound like,  “If only we could figure out how to reduce the economic consequences of….” or,  “That will never work with our equipment limitations…” or, […]

3 Insights About Farmer-To-Farmer Learning Communities From Our Work On America’s Conservation Ag Movement

If you’ve been paying attention to the latest trends in farmer outreach and engagement, you’ve probably seen a lot of noise about “farmer networks,” “producer groups” or “farmer peer networks.” Conservation nonprofits, state and federal government agencies, academia, even agribusinesses are standing up these groups. In not a few cases, farmers have established their own […]

5 Perennial Ag Questions The Land Institute Answered at 2021 Top Producer Summit

If you’ve been reading ag news headlines or listening to podcasts about ag innovations and the future of the industry, you’ve probably heard about perennial agriculture. On the surface, perennial crops don’t appear to be too nuanced: perennial essentially means plants grow back after they are harvested. But what about perennial agriculture as an alternative […]

Building Farmer Peer Learning Networks

THE ISSUE: How to best leverage farmers’ most trusted and preferred way of learning to increase conservation? Research consistently demonstrates that farmers learn best from other farmers, whether the subject is inputs for row crops, thoughts on winter-calving, or whether or not to trial new conservation agriculture techniques. Trust in Food research reveals that most […]